The Glimpse team brings together industry experts committed to the vision of expanding students' exposure to careers available in the world.

tom rath

Tom is a dad, writer, and researcher who has spent the last 25 years studying what makes great careers and synthesizing these findings into books that have sold over 10 million copies.

brenda Anderson

Brenda is a mom, leader, and  trailblazing entrepreneur who is widely recognized for her work championing women in tech and helping young people find meaningful work.

blake nemelka, PHD

Blake is a dad, author, and expert in learning design and technology who has spent the last decade in higher education administration studying college and career readiness.

christian wright

Christian is a dad, coach, and thought leader who has been helping young people grow and thrive for over three decades as a Division I Tennis Coach and Academic Advisor.

pio juszkiewicz, PHD

Pio is a dad, researcher, and the publisher behind some of the bestselling business books of the past quarter century that have changed the way we look at work, life, and careers. 


In addition to the core team, Glimpse is supported by dozens of advisors and thought leaders made up of industry experts, education partners, and professionals. Their expertise ensures our alignment with the market, so Glimpse can deliver an impactful experience guaranteed for our audience. 

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